Interview with Hannah Louise

Hannah is a illustrator and applied artist. Here’s the questions I asked my fellow student.

  1. What made you become an artist? Why?

My dad, because I’ve been doing art with him since I was young.

2. What is your preferred medium to work in?

I don’t have a Specific medium, but I like to work in watercolour and do illustrations.

3. Are you interested in going to university? If so where? When?

At the moment I’m not interested in going but maybe in the far future.

4. Was there anyone that inspired you to become an artist? If so who? Why?

Yes, my dad. he has a big passion towards art that has grown onto me

5. Do you keep a sketchbook? If so what do you like to do in it?

Yes, I like to creat bullet journals and little illustrations

6. What is your favourite subject in college?

A mixture between fine art and applied arts

7. Where do you see your self in the next 10 years?

Hopefully in a job that involves my interests.

Here is some of Hannahs work

You can view more of Hannah’s work here.

Exploration Work

This is the work I have created from the start of college until now. here are some of my favourite pieces.

This is a small dry point print piece inspired by the poem ‘poem in October’ by Dylan Thomas. I carved into a piece of aluminium with a scribe, inked it up with black ink and then pressed it in with a printer press. I like how the different shades of black adds a bit of depth.

These photo’s are from a photography lesson that I enjoyed. There a series of photos created with powder paint in different techniques. The colours are very effective with the dark background.

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